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The professional world and how age is sometimes king

You know the term “age is just a number”? It’s pretty common, and mostly used on birthdays of people who don’t enjoy the larger number they are turning. Side note: let’s give a half spirited, fully sarcastic round of applause to society for that upside down and Debby downer thought process. Why? Because age is…Continue reading »

Being Asian American in the United States Today

Okay, here it goes. I’m working on starting a side hustle, and what comes with starting a side hustle, is extra visibility. However, with the most recent outbreaks of violence towards Asian Americans, I want nothing more than to curl up under an invisibility cloak. I generally try not to burden people with my fears….Continue reading »

Tips to losing that stubborn quarantine 15

Covid-19 has rocked our world into unrecognizable chaos and pain. And among the many parts of our lives it has impacted, personal health has taken a toll. I know I gained some stay at home weight and probably bad habits (eating late) since the stay at home order, and maybe you have too.  Now, if…Continue reading »

Divorced, but not apart

I come from a divorced family, but I hardly view it as such. Even though my parents divorced when I was young, our family has never truly been separated. In the early days of the divorce, my parents managed to stay friends (no matter how tough it was) and were able to hold conversations about…Continue reading »

Social Media, are you listening?

Social media is both a dream and a nightmare. I get to connect with people all over the world, at different parts of their lives, and I get to share mine with them. I love the fact that I am free to connect with people I haven’t spoken to or seen in 5+ years, but…Continue reading »

Let’s talk about burnout

Burnout is a relatively new term people and some businesses are starting to recognize, and let me tell you, it is REAL! Burnout can affect you physically and mentally.  According to Mayo Clinic, “Job burnout is a special type of work-related stress — a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense…Continue reading »


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