Waiting, it’s one of the most thought about actions

Waiting, it’s one of the most thought about actions

To be myself unapologetically is a heavy statement. I think I grew up, learning to be who others needed me to be, but I suppose who hasn’t? We often need to be who we can be proud of through someone else’s eyes. As we grow up, it changes and it develops to being only those we respect and care about. Eventually it will only be up to you and who you see yourself as. 

This blog has been something I have wanted for some time now, but I never had the nerve to actually do it. I didn’t know how, or who would even read it. I love the idea that someone out there feels something similar, or had experienced something just like me. The world can be so lonely, though with our technology, we can reach to those who we never knew we could.

Follow me, and read about my life, who knows, we might have more than one thing common. I’ll share the pain, laughter, happiness, and everything in between. No one is perfect, and sometimes that is what we wait for - perfection. So, here I am. Unapologetically me, imperfectly me. 

– Maelyn

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