Take the trip with your parents, you won’t regret it

Take the trip with your parents, you won’t regret it

When I was 20 years old, I drove across the country with each of my parents. My father and I drove and camped through US & Canada to Seattle, and my mother and I drove/camped/sketchy hoteled all the US way back home, to Upstate New York. 

As children, we forget that our parents crave just as much adventure and experience that we do, sometimes even more. I believe this is because they know what there is to experience outside of everyday comfort zones – like our cozy blanket bundles and computer screens. 

I say this because, while my parents definitely fall into some of their age stereotypes (goofy dances & embarrassing moments), but I mean don’t we all? On these trips,  I saw their love for life and adventure were much greater. 

My father journaled, drew pictures of what he was seeing on our drive, and managed to plan our roadmap on the go. My mother took pictures and stopped at beautiful little stands for jewelry & experience.  They both made sure to push their 20 year old to enjoy the unknown and unexpected. I learned what else life had to offer besides college, and a 40 hour work week. I learned how little I knew of other cultures, and oftentimes how willing people were to teach you. 

Genuine appreciation for life is contagious, even more so when you are seeing it on the faces of people you love. Sitting on the top of a mountain in Bamf and on the edge of Bryce Canyon, made me realize the vastness this world and all it has to offer.  I experienced first hand the gift that our parents are for getting us to the point where we can see it and experience it. 

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