Star Wars and Chill

Star Wars and Chill

After dating for a month, my husband and I were in a bit of a date rut. This was mostly because we had to see each other around our restaurant job schedules, and my college classes, but we wanted to try to keep things both fun and relaxing.  One night, we were sitting on the couch, and finally decided to watch something I had never watched.  According to my husband, we had a list of amazing movies that I needed to watch. And because of our age gap – this list was far from short. We ended up deciding on Star Wars, and as everyone knows, the ONLY way to watch Star Wars is in ORDER. 

Originally I wasn’t really sure about it, or even too keen on the idea. I am more of a romantic comedy type of gal, but my boyfriend – now husband, was and is a super fan. When I say super fan, I really mean it. He had the box set at the ready and knew all the answers to every question I had (yes, this included planets, foods, ships, and even language names).  He even debated on not making me watch the first three episodes of the saga, but eventually decided it needed to happen due to the plot & questions I would inevitably have later on (disclaimer : this something he asked me to include). Anyways, we started with the first movie – and watched it – with him watching me, almost more than the movie itself. He was set on me not missing a thing! 

Now, here’s why I ended up loving watching the movie series. This was the beginning of 9 pre-planned dates, there was no need to plan what we might be doing, or even go anywhere. Score! I am an extreme homebody and love a night in:)  We also had take-out (Indian and Chinese are our go-tos) and cozily set ourselves up to watch the movies in order – perfect date night if you ask me! 

I saw a side of my husband that was so damn lovable, that it was probably one, amongst the many things that made me fall for him. I think when you see someone love something and want to share it with you, you also start to love it and them that much more. 

Fast forward to being married, and it is still something we do! We watch the movie series in order, and we of course add in the appropriate movies that have been released since. 

My advice to any couple: Find small things like this, and make it a special thing to do with your S/O. Little traditions like this are magical, and keeps us reminded of why we really fell for the other person. 

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