OK cats, you win

OK cats, you win

I suppose this could apply to anyone with an animal they absolutely adore, but in my case- I’m talking about my two Maine Coon Cats. 

My husband and I love them so much, and we honestly treat them like absolute kings. They are our little buddies, and get treated as such! 

The two of them get a variety of decadent wet foods, and not one, not two, but three DIFFERENT types of foods to rotate throughout the day (something my husband keeps track of, thank goodness). Not to mention the many times they demand to be pet and loved, while they consume said foods. They even have a plethora of tiny houses and XL scratching posts , strategically placed in almost every room of the house. All of this according to their preferences (I mean, but of course!). 

Our house is 40% ours and 60% the cats. If a piece of paper falls and they fancy it, it stays for the rest of the week. If a bag from our take out has the right crunch when they step on it, then….you guessed it – the bag stays.  Heck, we don’t even move if they decide to grace us with their snuggles. 

Sometimes I even go to the store and think about giving myself some shop therapy, and end up buying some fun snacks for them and organic cat nip! 

So, why? Why do these little fur balls get whatever they want, whenever they want? I mean, their cute fuzzy pawed selves obviously play a huge part, but I think the ultimate power they have, is that they DEMAND it and don’t settle for anything less than what they deserve. 

I often look at my cats during my work week, while sitting in front of my double computer screens, and while I’m glued to my desk,  I think “I’d love to be a cat, what a life!”.  

I’ve decided that one of my 2021 goals is to now have the confidence and authority of a cat. I’ll demand for what I deserve, and I’ll MAKE it happen or even will it into reality (I’ll have to think of something that is as convincing as a meow, tail rub, or intense pur). 

In all honesty, we should all embrace how our animals have the authority to make us do what/treat them how they want – and channel it for our everyday lives! Want that promotion or raise? Channel your inner animal mindset!

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